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MAF (Palestine) and its subsidiary logicteca Solutions Canada is the leading provider of software development and IT solutions. We are an offshore Software Development and IT solutions provider with a proven track record. MAF is a Palestinian based company with international presence in North America, we operate under the name Logicteca Solutions in the US and Canada. We specialize in Web Development, Mobile Development, Digital Marketing and IT support. Our company structure enables us to develop software applications at extremely competitive rates giving our customers the best of both worlds, trusted solutions and low development cost. We have developed one of the best outsourcing models available “Minimum Risk Model”, the model is designed to simplify the outsourcing process and minimize the risk factor in any software development project. We have also adopted the new concept of “Virtual IT teams”.

Virtual IT teams can operate as an extension of your R&D team. (High Quality Dev & QA teams possibly at a fraction of your current cost), we operate as a software engineering company, not as free lancers. This is not to replace your current team but the idea of the Extended Virtual Team can shine when you have a surge of Tasks that you want to complete in a limited time frame and when budget restriction does not allow you to maintain a large team at all times. Our structure keeps you more competitive and highly agile as business.

*Our Competitive Advantage:

Today, technology has made geographical borders practically obsolete. Our belief in this philosophy inspired us to move our implementation development centers offshore. Our offshore development teams are made up of highly motivated, energetic and ambitious individuals who also posses expertise in the latest cutting edge technology; thus providing our clients with the most efficient service and highest quality software while significantly cutting down the cost.

# Our domains of expertise:

• Social medial platforms integration.
• Social Medial/Digital Marketing.
• E-commerce.
• Content Management Systems.
• Web applications development.
• Website Design.
• Mobile Applications Development.
• Invoicing systems.
• Heath Management Systems.
• CRM Systems integration (inc Salesforce).
• Server Administration & Application Hosting.
• Systems Testing (Black Box & White Box)
• IT Project Management.

* Inventory control
Our framework enables the site administrator to add an unlimited number of products with a high level of details, the system would indicate to the admin the number of products purchased automatically keeping track of the remaining items in stock, the system can automatically organize orders into manageable format giving the administrators full control of the online store system.

* Shopping cart
Our framework has a number of shopping carts that can easily integrate with; our existing shopping carts provide ease of use and for various types of customers purchasing experience.

* Online credit card processing
Our framework has the ability to integrate with various online credit card processing services, enabling instance credit card verification and payment collection.

* Orders processing & administration
Our frameworks order processing components are highly stable and have a friendly user interface making it suitable for most online stores order processing work flow. All our e-commerce components are easily customizable making it possible to modify the online store software to suit your physical order processing operation at a surprisingly low cost.

* Systems integration
Our qualified system engineers provide system integrations services to a wide variety of industries and applications including integration and maintenance of monitoring systems, Data communications, Wireless networks, and automated irrigation systems. Our engineers will setup, maintain and insure smooth operations of your system and will provide quality training when required.

* Virtual IT Teams

Our Virtual teams are a great way to enable teamwork in situations where people are not sitting in the same physical office at the same

Address: Omer Al-Mukhtar St.- AlGhefary tower
Gaza - Gaza Strip

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