Modern Tech Corporation (MTC)

Modern Tech Corporation (MTC)

Gaza Strip - Gaza



Modern Tech Corporation Ltd (MTC) is one of the pioneering companies in the Palestinian technology sector. The company was established in 1987 in Gaza City and since its inception there was a strict and firm commitment within the company to being the best that can be. This commitment by MTC was challenged in varying degrees on a number of occasions during its 16 year existence, but the MTC team has always managed to overcome such obstacles and more determined to be the best and deliver the best service.

From its humble beginnings MTC has committed itself to evolving at apace that is in step with the fast evolving world of technology. Therefore, MTC was always able to harness the latest technological innovations (programming languages, software and hardware) to develop IT Tools that range from ready made programs to tailor made solutions.

Address: Gaza Rimal Azhar Street
Gaza - Gaza Strip

Mobile: 00970599408843

Phone: 0097082824099

Fax: 0097082820929




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