System Advantages: 1- Fast Delivery: All of our services work through cloud communication, which means high capacity for non-stop transmission. 2. Multiple transmission systems: We offer the most advanced means of transmission through a unique website, as well as a variety of applications for the most famous systems and use. Direct contact with suppliers: We only work with authorized telecom distributors in more than one country, ensuring non-stop access to messages. 4. Deferred messages: This feature sets up messages previously and activates them in a renewed time and date and the system sends them automatically at the specified date and time. 5. Changing messages: A professional feature that allows sending variable messages to a variable number set through easy, professional settings to get the job done. 6. Advanced Group Services: Our system allows you to set up sending groups in advance to facilitate transmissions at a time with a single click. 7. Delivery and status reports: The integrated control panel allows you to track sent messages while knowing the message reports, and we provide them directly from your service providers. 8. Stop transmission: If a set of numbers is sent in error, you can correct the transmission by stopping transmissions that have not yet been sent. 9 - Alerts: This feature enables you to receive a notification about the close of the balance.